About the TAO Method™ ~ Task - Action - Objective

Ian McKellar The TAO Method™ is a method of work used successfully by Ian McKellar for over thirty years to approach large and small projects in a methodical way. The method of work is his own system based on the processes and techniques he was taught for learning stagecraft as an actor in the late 1970’s.

The techniques learnt were based on the “method” system of acting. “Method” acting was developed by a Russian, Constantin Stanislavski, and expanded upon by a core of theatre professionals, mostly in the United States, including Lee Strasbourg, and Stella Adler.

Wikipedia states – "Adler's technique relies on carrying through tasks, wants, needs, and objectives. It also seeks to stimulate the actor's imagination through the use of 'as ifs'. She often preached, 'We are what we do, not what we say.'"

The TAO part of Ian's system is an acronym. TAO stands for TASK, ACTION, and OBJECTIVE. These three words form the basis of Ian's system of method acting. In a theatrical context, the purpose is for an actor to develop a strong character with a clear objective, and plan of action to be achieved by performing certain tasks, within the context of a play or film.

The TAO Method™ is simply a "skeleton", or blueprint, for deciding what needs to be achieved to reach a particular goal, and can therefore be applied to any project or discipline.

Over the years, Ian has applied these processes to achieving quantifiable results in a number of different skill areas, including financial management, juggling and unicycling proficiency, creative development, project management, and even house renovation.

The objective of this method of work is to ease and accelerate successful outcomes, and simplify the execution of strategies. It also helps people focus more clearly on the priorities of the particular project at hand.

There is also a far older philosophy known as Tao, or the Tao Te Ching originating from China from around 650BC. There are no references to or teaching of the philosophies of Tao Te Ching in the keynote address Priorities for Peak Performance, or within The TAO Method™ systems.

The Tao Te Ching is a philosophy, whereas Ian McKellar’s TAO Method™ is just that – a method. He developed this method of work to get results exactly where he wanted them, and now shares his system with anyone who would like to benefit from a clear method of setting and achieving objectives.

Ian McKellar has however, studied to a small degree the philosophy of Tao Te Ching through related areas of meditation and martial arts training, and continues to practice some of its principles within his personal and working life, with an objective of achieving greater balance and peace of mind.

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